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The Western Shasta RCD has been utulizing volunteer service to conduct biological assessments of Upper Sacramento River Watershed creeks and streams since 2010. The program engages individuals of all ages and backgrounds to get in our local streams to collect important scientific data to be submitted to the California Water Board's Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) database. Using the SWAMP protocols for biological assessment, volunteers learn how the presence/absence and diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates can be used to determine the health of a creek and how to measure water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen, salinity, pH, and turbidity. In doing so, participants are able to explore local creeks and learn about stream health in the most hands-on way possible. To become involved, please contact Ross Perry at (530) 365-7332 x 203 or RPerry@westernshastarcd.org.

The Western Shasta RCD can assist landowners with a variety of projects.


Please contact Kelli England at (530) 365-7332 x 204 or KEngland@westernshastarcd.org for information on the following:

  • Creating and maintaining defensible space
  • Invasive weed removal
  • Erosion control

Additional information is available for the following:

  • Permitting and planning for flood and erosion control issues
  • Conservation easement document preparation and property management
  • Mitigation for developments

Community outreach

Citizen Monitoring Program

Landowner ASsistance

The Western Shasta RCD can work with educators and groups with educational programs for students in grades k-12, such as:

Using the Floodplain Simulation Model or the Erosion Control Stream Model, students get an introduction to the watershed and its functions, including:

  • How water behaves in the environment;
  • How flooding can be helpful in an undeveloped floodplain;
  • How flooding can be harmful in a developed floodplain;
  • How to prepare for flood events; and
  • How to respond after a flood.

For more information, please contact Analia Bertucci at (530) 365-7332 x 208 or ABertucci@westernshastarcd.org.

Environmental Education

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Site mitigation
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