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Wetland and riparian habitat restoration projects by the Western Shasta RCD are evident across Shasta County. Some project activities include wetland reconstruction, invasive vegetation removal, and fish passage improvements. 



The Western Shasta RCD can assist agencies with site mitigation projects by replacing habitat (mostly trees and plants) that are lost due to public works or development projects, such as straightening or widening a highway, or construction of a new building.
During construction, some trees and plants are inevitably removed in the process, and the Western Shasta RCD can be contracted to replace these trees and plants in another location (usually in a number greater than was removed) and maintain them for a specified length of time. This way, even though the habitat was relocated, it will not be permanently lost.





Improving and maintaining the health of our forests include reducing the risks of catastrophic wildfires, erosion and sedimentation, and helping communities residing within forested areas.



FOREST HEALTH and defensible space

Brandy Creek, Whiskeytown NRA
Site mitigation
Shaded fuelbreak