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Mike Berry

Mike Berry is a retired Senior Environmental Scientist after a thirty year career with California Department of Fish and Wildlife and California Department of Water Resources. Mike has a fisheries degree form Shasta College, and a BS in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University. During Mike’s 30 year career, he has been responsible for reviewing timber harvest plans, managing habitat for wild trout and anadromous salmon and steelhead, recommending regulation changes and monitoring effects of management and regulation changes. Mike has also supervised staff that wrote, reviewed and enforced environmental documents and regulations. Mike has been extensively involved in meadow restoration, side channel restoration, shaded fuel break planning and implementation, Clear Creek and Cow Creek restoration, irrigation efficiency, and many other projects beneficial for water use, fire safety, and Fish and Wildlife enhancement. Mike has lived most of his life in Northern California including living in Trinidad, Hayfork, and Cottonwood. Mike’s hobbies include photography, fishing, hunting, kayaking, biking and many other outdoor activities.

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